Corpuls .mission  is not just a telemedicine solution - it is a medical communication platform in which the patient is brought into the main focus.

Specific knowledge from selected experts and various disciplines is crucial for adequate patient treatment. With  corpuls .mission , we draw knowledge together where it is most urgently needed: during a mission.  By combining medical data, chat, video, and documentation, all relevant information is collected in one place and can be viewed by the rescuers, physicians, and specialists involved.

Specifically designed for the unique requirements of preclinical use, corpuls.mission breaks away from old, linear communication channels. It offers the possibility to view diagnostic ECGs and photos of medication plans or mission sites as well as the live curves and vital parameters of the  corpuls 3T   and  corpuls 3 . All of this is in the usual corpuls quality.

With the telemedicine application  corpuls .mission  LIVE, you can bring specialist knowledge directly to the mission site in fractions of a second, regardless of how far apart the mission site and the hospital are.

  • Smart telemedicine: curves and vital parameters in real time.

  • ECG max : 22 leads from 10 electrodes, vector loops and CEB®.

  • Automated forwarding and flexible interfaces for data export.

  • Monitoring of multiple devices and visual display of events.

With corpuls. mission LIVE, the specialist in the clinic knows the patient's status before the emergency transport even arrives in the emergency room. Through the interaction of the  corpuls 3T  or corpuls3 and corpuls.mission LIVE, the doctor in the clinic can see all the patients' curves and parameters in real-time while the rescue team is still with the patient. This enables early preparation in the clinic, tailored to the emergency. The curves and parameters measured are also recorded, meaning the specialist can also refer to the screen of the  corpuls 3T  or  corpuls 3  from an earlier point in time. In addition, trends and events of the connected device are displayed and the  corpuls .mission  Live Board can also be used to monitor several devices and visualize events.

ECG max  - the new dimension of ECG

In addition to the regular 12-lead ECG,  ECG max  offers the option of displaying the posterior, right ventricular, and orthogonal leads. With  ECG max  you get 22 leads - a real all-round view of the whole heart. Vector loops can also be calculated and displayed. This valuable and currently rarely used vectorcardiogram (VCG) method can be obtained without any additional effort.

Everything at a glance

ECG max  shows the overall condition of the heart using the ingeniously simple Cardiac Electrical Biomarker CEB®. Like a traffic light, the CEB® gives an indication of the patient's myocardial health in either green, orange, or red. To do this, the CEB® measures the extent of myocardial ischemia using the multipolar components of the heart's actual dipolar electrical field. The CEB® delivers a reliable numerical value in almost real-time. All it takes is 10 seconds of resting ECG measurement.

Communication goes both ways

Communication via  corpuls .mission  LIVE is not a one-way street: instructions such as medication recommendations or the CEB® value can be sent directly to the rescue team via webMessages. That saves valuable resources. The essential requirement for corpuls. mission LIVE is provided by the  corpuls 3  ex works on request: a cellular modem according to LTE 4G standard (with SIM card on request) and/or a WLAN interface.


  • Transmission of all curves, vital signs and the 12-lead resting ECG in real time

  • Display, measurement and forwarding of the resting ECG in various formats (e.g. PDF, SCP)

  • ECG max : 22 leads from 10 electrodes, vector loops and CEB®

  • Browser-based application

  • Save valuable resources with early recommendations and interventions

  • Recording of curves and vital signs of the current mission

  • Communication between the rescue team and the clinic

  • Separate transfer of patient data and medical data to the server

  • End-to-end encryption of patient data

  • Secure data transmission based on current TLS standards

  • Highest security standards through server hosting (ISO 27001)

  • Server failure safety 99.5% (expandable)