Smartsigns Central View

Smartsigns Central View  The Digital Picture

Recognizing the advantages associated with centralized monitoring systems, Central View offers a comprehensive array of features designed to enhance departmental workflows and productivity. The upgraded Smartsigns Central View central monitoring system elevates the capabilities of remote patient management, surveillance, and integration to a new level.


Seamless Integration with Smartsigns Monitoring

Each installation of Central View is adept at synchronizing and collecting real-time data from up to 64 connected Smartsigns devices. These devices can be distributed across various departments or floors, and Central View effortlessly communicates with any combination of Smartsigns-connected devices, including:

SC500 Vital Signs Monitor

SC1200 12” bedside monitor

SC1500 15” patient monitoring system

Experience the power of Smartsigns Central View for enhanced patient care and streamlined healthcare operations.