Gather all your mission data in one convenient location. Easily filter, analyze, and, if needed, anonymize the data. Whether it's for research purposes or comprehensive control, corpuls. manager   ANALYSE offers an efficient data management solution for handling large datasets. The server and data management solution corpuls .manager   ANALYSE centrally and automatically manages all data from your corpuls device fleet – ideal for research and control

Our server and data management solution corpuls.manager ANALYSE provides you with the overall "big picture". It is the analyst from corpuls. All the data from your corpuls device fleet is automatically uploaded here and saved centrally. This gives you the opportunity to collect and analyse data from all missions. In addition to quality management,  corpuls .manager ANALYSE is an ideal tool for data acquisition for medical research projects.  

A business intelligence solution is also available as an add-on to  corpuls .manager ANALYSE. With 13 pre-configured dashboards, the mission data from an ANALYSE database can be graphically evaluated. Extensive and easy-to-use filter functions are available so that every user can answer individual questions and find specifics within the data.

  • Centralized mission management and analysis
  •  Robust search and filtering capabilities
  •  Automatic data uploads from corpuls devices
  • Accessible via any internet-enabled device through a browser-based application
  • Gain fresh insights through business intelligence tools
  • Perfect for comprehensive organization-wide quality management
  • Provides valuable support for research and training efforts