The mission's impact extends far beyond its immediate conclusion. It serves as a well of data that can continually enhance mission processes. This not only benefits future patients but also bolsters your organization's operational efficiency. With corpuls.manager, you have the tools to effectively collect and leverage this valuable data. It provides you with a comprehensive grasp and control of your mission data. Whether you wish to delve into the specifics of individual missions or gain a holistic perspective on all your missions, corpuls. manager offers the necessary capabilities. Through automatic mission uploads, you can always access the most current information, displayed in clear and informative graphics and diagrams. Additionally, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, you'll uncover fresh insights and streamline the evaluation process.


With  corpuls .manager ​  REVIEW you can look at the mission down to the second and identify any potential weaknesses in the rescue chain.  Optimal mission follow-up is just as crucial as its preparation. This is the only way to identify weaknesses at an early stage and take the appropriate training measures. This is where the corpuls .manager REVIEW comes into play. Every corpuls device use can be tracked down to the second within the software.

  • Precise analysis and debriefing of a mission                                                    
  •  Detailed observation of the measured curves and parameters