NFK-200 Public Access AED 

The NFK200  is a modern and intuitive addition to the NF series of public access AEDs. It's designed for quick and convenient pad access, featuring an easy adult/pediatric change button. With a rugged casing that can withstand all conditions and a convenient handle for easy transport, the NFK200 is your reliable companion for CPR and resuscitation across diverse patient scenarios and locations. Additionally, its ambient noise detection and volume adjustment make it user-friendly.

             KEY FEATURES

  • CPR metronome, voice guidance, and visual instructions.
  • Status LED indicators for device and consumables.
  • Quick front-panel pad access.
  • USB data transfer capability.


  • Support for combined adult/pediatric pads or dedicated pediatric pads.
  • Automatic background noise analysis and device volume adjustment.
  • Semi-automated e-cube biphasic defibrillation.
  • CPR step detection indicator for more effective CPR.