The innovative communication platform, corpuls.   mission  CONFERENCE, introduces a groundbreaking approach to mission and patient-centric communication, offering chat, audio, and video telephony features, optimally tailored to rescuers in the field. Revolutionary, patient-oriented communication for rescuers:

  • Video consultation: live advice from doctors or specialists via videotelephony and chat

  • Send pictures, videos, and voice messages

  • Tactical units rather than individuals allow easy selection of the required communication partner/s

  • Available for web, iOS, and Android

CONFERENCE is our unique communication solution for rescuers. The philosophy behind it is revolutionary: The on-site rescuer no longer contacts individuals when they need support. instead, they contact tactical units. For example, instead of calling Dr. Smith from the cardiology department of XYZ Hospital, they simply request a cardiologist via CONFERENCE. If necessary, further specialists will be added. CONFERENCE carries out optimal and patient-oriented live advice from doctors or specialists via videotelephony, audio calls, and chat. The first, real communication solution for rescuers is rounded out by the ability to send pictures, videos, and voice messages.

CONFERENCE functions at its best in combination with  corpuls   .mission   LIVE. The tele-emergency physician or the future attending doctor in the targeted hospital can analyse all vital parameters, ECG data, and trends. In addition, the rescue team can exchange information via chat and video conference, transmit photos of medication plans, and wounds, send breathing sounds, and much more. Before the patient arrives at the hospital, tailored treatment measures can be initiated by the rescue team and optimally prepared in the hospital.

The connection between a   corpuls   3T    or a    corpuls  CONFERENCE is very simple: just scan the QR code attached to the patient monitor/defibrillator and the two devices will be automatically and clearly assigned to the same mission