Your Optimal AED Choice!

CU-SPR, an advanced and user-friendly public access AED, simplifies rescue operations for both adult and pediatric patients. The LCD screen facilitates easy monitoring of battery and pads status, ensuring the device remains prepared for use. Moreover, its robust casing, highly resistant to water and dust, allows reliable operation even in challenging, wet, and rugged conditions.


Device and consumables status LCD  screen for quick monitoring.

Metronome, voice guidance, and  graphic instructions.

Adult / pediatric mode quick change button . 

Data transfer by USB.      


•  Automatic internal discharge
•  Daily / weekly / monthly self-test
•  Shock resistant carrying case
• Highly water resistant casing
 • IP66 / IP68 (Option)


• Semi-automated e-cube biphasic  defibrillation
• Combined adult / pediatric pads or  dedicated pediatric pads support
• Automatic background noise analysis  and device volume adjustment
• CPR step detection indicator for more  effective CPR